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EC-Council CEH — All you need to know

What is EC-Council?

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Certified Ethical Hacking

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  • CEH is not a penetration testing course
  • CEH is a foundational course and qualifies you for a wide range of careers within cybersecurity.
  • CEH is meant for beginners in cybersecurity.

What makes CEH worthy?

  • ANSI Accredited Certification
  • Recognized by the US DoD Directive 8570
    “Anyone who wants to work on a US government network needs a certification from the list on directive 8570.”
  • CEH is very good to give you an idea about various approaches and domains in cybersecurity.

CEH Certification

What is new in CEHv11

CEH updated contents
  • Mapped to NICE 2.0 framework
    The NICE Framework encompasses the most detailed combination of cybersecurity works which are comprised of precise skills, abilities, and knowledge needed to perform certain tasks in a work role.
  • Focused on Cloud Computing, Internet of Things attacks
  • Included Operational Technology(OT) attacks
  • Enhanced focus on Malware Analysis.
  • Included Break the code challenges for more hands-on practice.

Course Outline

Common Job Roles after CEH

  • Security Engineer.
  • Penetration Tester.
  • Network Security Jobs.
  • Homeland Security Jobs.
  • IT Auditor Positions.
  • Ethical Hacker.
  • Security Administrator.
  • Site Administrator.

I hope this article was helpful for you to understand the CEH certification.

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